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Are there any soccer cleats suitable for players with flat feet?


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Can you play soccer with flat feet?

When it comes to soccer, having the proper footwear is essential for success on the field. Flat feet can make finding the perfect pair of cleats quite a challenge. The truth is that there isn’t any soccer cleat to suit flat feet, in particular, that has support built-in to the arch area. Hopefully, some cleats are better than others at giving that support and, of course, you can use some extra protective gear to alleviate that problem.

Flat feet, also known as “fallen arches” or pes planus, is a conditions in which the entire sole of the foot comes into contact with the ground when standing. It can be quite common among many players and may have long-term effects on their performance and health.

For the majority of professional soccer players, it is not a big deal, but in some cases flat feet can be painful and lead to fatigue in the legs and lower back, making it difficult to perform well during intense physical activity like playing soccer. As such, many athletes may wonder if they can still play soccer with flat feet.

The answer is yes!

But first, let’s see the effect that flat feet may have on the player’s performance.

Effects on performance for people with flat feet

Soccer is a highly competitive sport that requires players to be in peak physical condition.

Flat feet can hinder an athlete’s ability in a variety of ways, most notably affecting running and jumping activities. In addition, they can lead to problems with balance and stability while playing soccer. A lack of arch support from the foot can cause athletes’ ankle joints and lower legs to tire quickly due to overpronation, making them more prone to injuries like sprains or strains.

If a football boot isn’t going to work well for a flatter foot type, you may notice a pinching or squeezing sensation through the midfoot. After some time it’s going to lead to cramping or blisters and discomfort in general.

The good news is that flat feet do not necessarily mean that you will definitely experience any problems while playing. For those soccer players with flat feet who do feel some discomfort, there are some things that you can do to overcome this problem.

How can soccer players overcome the flat feet problem when playing soccer?


For athletes with flat feet, insoles are a great option when it comes to creating an extra layer of cushioning and arch support for your feet. Not only do they help flat-footed players avoid injury, but they also provide improved traction and stability during play.

If you have flat feet and plan on playing soccer, investing in a pair of properly fitted insoles can be a great way to increase performance while on the field. Insoles come in multiple shapes and sizes designed specifically for different sports activities. When looking for an insole that’s best suited for soccer, make sure you pick one that provides adequate foot support throughout the entire gameplay.


Additionally, taping or strapping your foot before games or practice can also provide extra support and stability during movement.

Proper footwear

The importance of having well-fitted and comfortable cleats cannot be overstated when it comes to playing soccer with flat feet. Finding the right pair of soccer cleats for flat feet starts with understanding what features to look for in a shoe. To give optimal support, flexibility and cushioning should be top priorities when selecting a pair of shoes.

What characteristics should look for in a pair of soccer cleats when having flat feet?

The fit of every soccer cleat is not something standard and what fits well for one player might not be the best for another. But as general rules, you could search for the following when you are looking for shoes for your flat feet.

  • A stiffer outsole with conical studs can give added stability and injury protection.
  • Adjustable laces help secure the foot in place during movement.
  • Choose shoes with a tongue as they generally have wider openings.
  • It is important to make sure that the cleats have plenty of room to accommodate the custom insoles.
  • Wide toe boxes with ample toe room as the feet are wider and you don’t want your big toe to be crumbled.
  • The upper should ideally be made from leather material that can stretch and relieve some pressure from the arch of your foot which is typically the main point of discomfort if you do have flatter feet.
  • The shoe should have a little bit extra width to the base which will cause even further relief on the arch area of your foot.

People who have flat feet have a very little arch on the bottom of their feet. Hence the foot’s base tends to be wider as your lower limb spreads when putting weight on it. This is something to consider when choosing the best shoes for you.

Having said that let’s see some soccer cleats that may help you if you have flat feet.

 What are the best soccer cleats for flat feet?

Mizuno Morelia 2

mizuno moreliaThe Morelias are some of the most comfortable football boots currently on the market. The Mizuno Morelia is the perfect soccer shoe for players with flat feet.

These lightweight soccer cleats feature a unique and comfortable fit that provides maximum stability and ensures that you feel secure and confident on the pitch. The leather upper combined with the laces and the wide base area are ideal for relieving any pressure on the arch area of your foot.


Nike Tiempo

The Tiempo series in general provide another excellent choice for athletes with flat feet looking to maximize their performance on the field. Constructed with a lightweight and breathable synthetic leather upper, these Nike soccer cleats provide superior comfort and protection while maintaining agility and speed.

Adidas Copa Mundial

The old-school shaping of the Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleats is ideal for flat-footed soccer players or those with wide feet. There’s plenty of width and plenty of volume in the midfoot area that will help you perform better.

The fact that the entire upper is made from soft kangaroo leather allows for plenty of stretch without putting too much pressure on the arch of your foot.

New Balance 442

The New Balance Men’s 442 1.0 is a perfect soccer shoe for players with wider feet and as such, ideal for those who have flatter feet.

These shoes from New Balance offer exceptional comfort, support, and proper pronation for the feet of people with flat feet. With a low-profile design, leather upper, and lightweight construction, the shoe provides an ideal fit for those players.

The shoe has a unique arch support system that helps to reduce foot fatigue by providing support and cushioning and increased stability for the wearer’s feet.

Conclusion: finding the right soccer shoe for flat-footed players

Ultimately, the right cleat can make all the difference in your ability to play and perform on the field. Finding a good fit for your foot type is key for any athlete, especially those with flat feet.

If you are looking for the best soccer boots for flat feet, check out our review for the best option for flat-footed players.


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