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Adidas Copa Mundial Review


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The Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleats are the brand’s most popular line of boots since it first appeared in 1979. Ever since its release, multiple variations of the design have been introduced in the market. The Copa Mundial, which translates to “World Cup” in English, was designed to be used by players during the 1982 FIFA World Cup.

Throughout the years, the company released a variety of colors for the Adidas Copa Mundial. Adidas launched the first variation 30 years after the original one. It was the white version of the original one which was released on September 30, 2013. They reversed the positioning of the colors, but still retained the materials used with the 1982 Copa Mundial. Aside from the Copa Mundial in white, Adidas also released the five-color “Samba Pack” to match the four major designs of the brand that come in different colors.

Ever since its release in 1982, a number of world-class players have worn the Adidas Copa Mundial throughout the years. Some of them are Diego Maradona, Kaka, Xabi Alonso, Eric Cantona, Zenedine Zidane and Franz Beckenbauer. These players have made their mark in the world of soccer. Adidas also made a few modifications to the model throughout the years.

Features of the Adidas Copa Mundial

adidas copa mundialThe upper portion of the boots is made of super soft kangaroo leather. This particular type of leather retains the softness of the shoe without compromising durability and stability.The entire body of the Copa Mundial is covered with kangaroo leather, ensuring the high quality and durability of the shoes.It also features an elongated tongue to give an additional protection to the upper portion of the foot, aside from giving that stylish and unique look.

The foam insole ensures that the players remain comfortable throughout the entire 90-minute match. The foam allows the foot to mold into its own size and shape, making it easier for the player to adjust with the Copa Mundial.

It also has synthetic lining to keep the insides of the shoe comfy.

It has 12 screw-in molded studs that are made of Polyurethane. The outsole is direct-injected for that improved fit and maximum comfort.


Pros and Cons of the Adidas Copa Mundial

Pros of the Adidas Copa Mundial

First time users do not have to worry about breaking in their Adidas Copa Mundial boots. The extremely soft kangaroo leather makes the shoes comfortable to use even for the first time.The soft leather also offers a great touch to the players for a superb feel which is essential for them to have that maximum control of the ball. Furthermore, the construction of the shoe makes it ideal for players with flat feet.

The 12 screw-in studs make it ideal to use on soft ground and artificial fields. They are molded in such a way that it provides the proper ground penetration needed to keep the player stable while playing.

The all-leather design gives the Copa Mundial a classic feel, making it much more attractive to both novice and professional players.

Cons of the Adidas Copa Mundial

The leather of the upper portion of the shoes stretches easily rendering the shoes loose around the forefoot area after using them for a couple of times.The player has to be mindful about how the shoe fits their foot. Some players recommend buying them a half size smaller for that perfect fit.

It lacks the technology some players look for in soccer cleats. Since it was released long before technology was incorporated and computers were used in the designing of the shoes, the Copa Mundial is a simple, without any fuss kind of boots.

Who Should Buy the Adidas Copa Mundial?

The Copa Mundial is ideal to be used by all kinds of players since it does not really specifically cater to one playing position. With this particular design, Adidas has seriously considered players who want something uncomplicated for a pair of soccer cleats.

It is suitable to be used on all kinds of turfs, may it be indoors or outdoors. It is designed for players who do not rely on the studs they are wearing in order to give an exceptional performance on the pitch. These Adidas Copa Mundial is excellent for players who do not look for sophistication in the soccer boots that they wear.

Finally, soccer players with wide feet will find these soccer boots very useful.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Overall, with the Adidas Copa Mundial what you see is what you get. No added frills, just a simple pair of cleats with superior quality and timeless design.

Despite lacking the cutting-edge technology that seems to be present in everything, Adidas surely makes it up with the durability and high-quality of the soccer cleats. 


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