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How do Under Armour Soccer Cleats Fit?


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Soccer is one of the most played sports in the world today and continues to reach new areas each year. Of course, anyone who knows about the game knows how hard it can be on the body, involving a large amount of running to play properly. One of the best ways to ensure that you are performing at peak levels during soccer games is by having the proper soccer cleats. 

A great company that offers cleats is Under Armour, but how exactly do these cleats fit? Comparative to other sporting brands, Under Armour has a limited number of soccer cleats available that you can choose. However, the soccer cleats they do offer come in both men’s and women’s sizes and fit very true to size. 

Most major sporting goods stores carry the Under Armour brand and may feature their soccer cleats in their inventory. Of course, they also offer these cleats online through the Under Armour website, which has a complete breakdown of sizes and measurements. However, we will further discuss the fit of the cleats and how they can work for your individual needs. 

memphis depay wearing under armour soccer cleats

Why Choose the Under Armour Soccer Cleats?

One of the newer styles of Under Armour soccer cleats is their Clutchfit style, which is designed specifically for soccer use. These shoes are high-quality and designed to give you several good seasons usage. Of course, you will want to learn more about the benefits of these cleats and how they can work for your needs. 

Perfect Comfort and Fit 

The soccer cleats designed from Under Armour are created using Clutchfit technology, which has been designed to work for a variety of sports, including soccer. These cleats are made using two separate layers of material that have been fused together, where the upper material flexes and stretches with your foot. This fantastic fit is like a second skin for your foot, providing an exceptional level of comfort

Layers of Comfort

The soccer cleats designed from Under Armour have a unique design that, while it seems complicated, is actually easy to understand but full of comfort. Some features on the cleats are:

  • The base layer is soft, pliable, and offers a slight stretch. 
  • The rubber featured is 3D printed with surface patterns actin gas a support cage, allowing for reinforced support to the upper material. 
  • Pulling the laces tightly allows for the soft, stretchy upper layer to slightly hug your foot. 
  • The stretch is created when pressure is applied, allowing for a tight and comfortable foot covering. 
  • The heel is lined with a padded, synthetic leather material
  • The upper has a suede feel that adds to the overall comfort of the shoe.
  • The insole is made from Under Armour’s signature 4D foam, which is featured on most of their sporting cleats. This offers a large amount of comfort and is a memory foam type material. However, you can always other soccer cleat insoles other than those provided.

Quality Fit

The fit of the shoe is the perfect combination of snug and comfortable. When you first slip the Under Armour cleat on, you may not be overwhelmed with the fit, but like many shoes, it improves with regular wear. With daily wear, the upper materials become more flexible and softer, wrapping to fit your foot’s exact shape. 

Most who have purchased the Clutchfit style cleats consider it to be a tighter fitting shoe but is suitable for a wide range of foot types. The width may need to be broken in slightly to be ideal for your foot, but this is not a long process. The laces are easily altered to change the fit to meet your needs and comfort levels, whether it be tighter near the midfoot or the forefoot. 

When you remove your foot from the shoe, it will take on its original shape and durability. The shoe works best for those who do not have exceptionally wide feet but will stretch to fit a variety of foot sizes. Though it fits relatively true to traditional cleat sizing, some do recommend adding a half size and report they run slightly small. 

You can read more in my article on how to properly size your soccer cleats.

Top Under Armour Soccer Cleat Featuresunder armour soccer cleat

The benefits of choosing Under Armour soccer cleats do not stop with their amazing fit; the shoes actually have several factors that make them an excellent fit for the sport. Some noteworthy features that many soccer players love are:

Their Low Weight

The boots are amongst some of the lighter options on the market today when it comes to soccer cleats, but they still have enough weight and durability to last. They weigh in at around 8 ounces depending on your exact size, which is light but not the absolute lightest option available. They will not weigh you down when running but are sturdy enough to support your foot and feel secure. 

Above Average Traction Levels

In soccer, there are times when you need to stop abruptly and begin running again quickly, which requires a decent level of traction on your shoes. If your cleats are not offering this level of traction, it can really affect your footwork and your overall game. The Cluchfit style shoes have one support stud in the middle of the forefoot and have a limited number of studs in total. 

These studs are a combination of bladed and conical options, offering an ideal amount of traction for soccer playing. The shoe offers you excellent ability to push off and begin running, but you can still pivot and turn as needed through their rounded edge studs. You will feel very stable as the studs have a large surface area. Overall, the traction of the shoes is amongst some of the best for the sport. 

Quality Touch

Soccer players know that touch is essential when it comes to the game because you need to be able to feel and move the ball correctly. The upper material of the shoe begins to mold to your foot with wear and actually offers a considerable amount of touch to the player. While the upper is thin and offers quality touch, it does not provide the completely barefoot feel that some cleats offer. However, many do not mind this added upper cushion. 

Also, the Clutchfit shoes feature a 3D printed rubber design on the upper, which actually improves the overall feeling of the shoe. This rubber adds a level of grip to the ball that benefits the player. This rubber area is not bulky but does cover the top of the shoe so that you always have a similar feel across the entire shoe. 

Limited Yet Expected Protection

Many soccer players are willing to sacrifice a layer of protection to have a better feel of the ball, and this is exactly what you will be doing with the Under Armour cleats. The shoes do not overly protect you from opposing players or other issues when running, especially since the top is relatively thin. However, the heel has both an internal and external plastic layer that provides both stability and added protection should you need it. Comparative to other cleats, they are not the thinnest or least protective but also not the best. 

Ideal Shooting Ability

A huge part of the game is your ability to shoot the ball accurately, whether it be to score or to pass to other players. The upper is thin, and the boot is robust, allowing you to have a very responsive sensation when striking the ball. As mentioned, you will get an added grip on the ball, which is very beneficial and can help when shooting as well. 

How to Buy Your Under Armour Cleats?

Whether you are buying from the Under Armour website or from a sporting goods retailer, you should try to find the perfect size for your feet. They offer both men’s and women’s sizes in the shoe in all standard sizing. As mentioned, many consumers claim these cleats run true to size, with some saying they run a little smaller than other popular cleats. 

The company suggests that you measure your foot from heel to toe and then compare these measurements to their online shoe chart. You should trace your entire foot onto a piece of paper and measure this tracing from heel to toe. If you are between two sizes, it is best to size up.


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