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adidas vs nike soccer cleats

Are Nike or Adidas soccer cleats better?


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Soccer requires players to constantly run, turn, jump and dribble on the field, and soccer cleats are crucial if not necessary to play the sport. Soccer cleats are designed to enhance your overall game and reduce injury risks. Some of the greatest players agree that matching your technique with good soccer cleats is essential to showcase your soccer skills.

Over the ages, Nike and Adidas have battled it out to design legendary soccer cleats using innovative technology to boost players’ abilities. The most controversial topic in the soccer cleats world is whether Nike or Adidas are making better boots.

Today, we will find out what are their differences by exploring the style, design, and technologies they have employed.

Nike notable technologies

Some of the most well known Nike innovations are the following:

All Conditions Control

ACC is a technology found in Nike soccer cleats that allow for more control in several weather conditions. It basically gives a slick surface on the top of the upper.

Dynamic Fit Collar

This technology introduced by Nike works as an extension to the boot and provides a better fit and a more secure feel for the footballer.


This is a micro-textures knit material that is used in may Nike soccer cleats and is designed to provide a barefoot feel and a sock-like fit for the players.


This is a technology invented by Nike and recently has been applied on some of their soccer boots. It hepls the athletes to wear the shoes easily increasing the fit at the same time.


Nikeskin is a mesh layer that is used in the upper along with the other technologies such as the ACC. It is designed to give a barefoot experience to the player.


This is an inner mesh material that wraps the foot preventing it from moving inside the shoe while playing. That also helps the shoe to retain its shape as it is not overstreched while playing.


These are vectran wires that are built inside the the upper material providing a lockdown feel and optimum support to the foot.


Nike uses Finite Element Analysis, a digital software that allows designers to virtually test and play with the cleat plate before 3D printing real models. During this procedure, they tweak the geometrical placing of the studs judging the reaction to foot pressure.

For The speed freaks, Nike employed bladed studs, which enhance multi-directional movement and propulsion. FEA data suggests that the stud shapes offer a boost in multi-directional movements and propulsion. Chevrons in the heels provide rotational traction and assist in player braking while on pace.

The Hyperreactive soleplate is a combination of arrow, bladed, and conical-shaped studs built into the forefoot and heel area.

The AG-PRO plate is specifically created for artificial grass pitches with hollow studs dispressesd across it.

The latest addition is the Aerotrack zone in the forefoot, used for increased traction.

Nike soccer cleat silos

Like its brand design Nike gets a definite tick for the stylish design of their soccer cleats. Nike has a stunning collection of football boots ranging from:

  • Nike Mercurial
  • Nike Tiempo
  • Nike Phantom GT
  • Nike Premier

Nike Mercurial

nike mercurial
Regarded as one the most famous soccer cleats which have been in production for 20 years now. Built for the need of speed, the mercurial had its debut in 1998. The line consists of two different boots, the Mercurial Superfly, and Mercurial Vapor, with the difference being the collar. Superfly has a long collar while Vapor is low-cut.

Nike Mercurial is regarded as the speed franchise. The mercurial line is engineered to equip you with speed to outpace the competition. The mercurial line is designed with thermo nylon studs, making the cleats light to allow sudden propulsion. 

Nike Tiempo

Nike Tiempo has a retro style made from premium leather; considered the old soul of football cleats, it has a plain simple look. It’s one of the most senior models, and Nike has maintained its classic look over the years while adding some of of their newest innovaions. Just because it’s an old boot doesn’t mean it can’t handle being out on the pitch.

Nike Phantom GT

The Nike Phantom GT is  merger of the two previous Phantom silos (Venom and Vision). nstead of releasing two different Phantom soccer boots, Nike will only release one Phantom option – the Nike Phantom GT combining some of the charachteritistics of the previous silos into the new one.

Nike Phantom Venom

Replacing the popular Hypervenom, this franchise is designed for pinpoint finishing, perfect for strikers. Phantom venom only contains a low-cut version, which is a downside for people who prefer a collar sock. However, the deadly accuracy and power these boots have will make you forget about the sock collar. They are engineered to increase spin, power, and accuracy due to their streamlined nature.

Nike Phantom Visionnike phantom GT

Coming as a replacement for the Magistas, it is tailor-made for touch and control, perfect for midfielders who love dictating the gameplay. The Nike Phantom Vision is almost similar to Adidas Predator in that it’s designed to offer the best touch, swerve and curve. 

Nike Premier

The Premier is the Nike’s classic design similar to what the Copas are for Adidas. They are made of Kangarro leather and their distinctive charachteristic is the foldover tongue. Made by traditional elements the modern twist is the TPU soleplate.

Notable for their durability and adaptability provided by the leather upper, they are a cheap option compared to the other Nike models.Nike Premier

Adidas Notable technologies

Some of the most well known Adidas innovations are the following:

Non-Stop Grip

This is basically the same technology with Nike’s ACC. It is used to provide friction and control on either dry or wet conditions.


Controlskin is a extra-soft synthetic material used the upper of the soccer cleat to provide an excellent first touch and total control of the ball.


The Primeknit upper is made from one piece knit fabric. It is used to provide an extremely snug and soft fit.


Primemesh, as the name suggest, is a mesh-based material used in some Adidas soccer shoes. It provides a soft and lightweight sensation for the player’s foot.


This is another synthetic upper construction from Adidas that follows the shape of the foot for a lockdown fit and excellent control of the ball.


Torsion Tape technology, it mostly used on the Nemeziz silo. The innovation provides a sock-like, barefoot feel that wraps around the players foot.


This is one of the latest innovation in Adidas soccer cleats. Their latest predator line has textured spike technology. Spikes are designed to wrap around the sides and front of the shoe in a pattern aligned to match the contact points. The spikes are engineered to enhance touch, control, and dribble function while playing. It also increases spin and aim when you pass or shoot the ball.


This is an extended and elasticated collar in the ankle area that provides ankle support to the player.

Adidas soccer cleat silos

Adidas showcase a range of classy boots branded with three stripes that they consider the pillars of success. Starting from Copa Mundial, which dates back to be the earliest boots, Adidas has launched a fantastic line of boots like:

  • Adidas Copa 
  • Adidas Nemeziz
  • Adidas Predator
  • Adidas X 

Adidas Predator

Adidas PredatorThe predator franchise started in 1994 until now, whereby it’s regarded as the most famous Adidas boot ever to grace the field. It got its name from its mean visual look and versatile technical design. This Adidas cleat is a natural apex predator in the field, allowing players the room to exercise total control over the ball and their physical movement.

Its scaley look creates power and comfort, unlike any other Adidas boot. 

Adidas Copa

A tribute to this boot, the most sought-out boot until now, has been in the market for about 40 years. It’s made out of kangaroo leather, making it ultra-durable; the World Cup boot has a retro design. adidas copa

Though there is nothing special about the boot, the legacy of the boot should inspire anyone wearing it to play better.

Adidas X

adidas xThe cleats contain an ultra-thin Fluroskin that gives you a barefoot sensation. Without the extra weight, you are free to dictate your speed. Apart from a boost of speed, the boots increase grip and ball control.

Adidas Nemeziz

These cleats are made basically for agile, sharp players with Messi being the most notable one. They are made from agility knit upper which is optimal from providing quick and sharp movements.adidas nemeziz

Differences between Adidas and Nike soccer cleats

These two brands historically they’ve been competing against each other and have introduced some interesting technologies over the years.  

Nike with their Flyiknit when they first introduced that in 2014 that really changed the industry that forced every other brand to introduce something in regards to having either a knitted upper or modifying the cut of their shoes.

When it comes to varierty, every single top-end model from Nike offers something unique and a positive experience and is legitimately a very good shoe.

Adidas have been very  good at making a lot of boots with all of them being decent, giving you both a laceless option and a laced top version. They are the first brand that have introduced laceless soccer cleats.

Adidas focused on designing agility boots for a high-intensity game that can give back everything the game demands. They also tend to be more comfortable for players with wide feet.


Adidas and Nike have been battling over the years to launch new innovative soccer cleats aimed to improve ball play.

Finding the better cleat out of the two depends on who you ask since both cleat brands offer top-quality boots with the latest technology.

Judging the better boot comes down to which boot you find aesthetically pleasing.


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