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Adidas X Speedflow – All models reviewed!


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The XSpeedflow is the latest creation from Adidas designed to optimize speed, grip, and balance for those unexpected turns on the pitch. The Adidas X Speedflow replaced the X Ghosted franchise and in just a short time,  it gained fame and would be worn by some of the most famous football players, including the all-time king Lionel Messi.

According to Adidas, the new X Speedflow should fundamentally change the feeling for speed in football. The Adidas Speedflow is clearly part of the Speed ​​Boots segment and is therefore primarily for players who define their game primarily through speed.

The X Speedflow has a variety of features, and it comes in a handful of different models with different price points ranging from $275 to $40. Now let’s review the different models X Speedflow has to offer.

Adidas X Speedflow + Review

Adidas X Speedflow +To start with the upper, you can definitely say that Adidas has succeeded in creating what is probably the thinnest upper material that is currently on the market. The laceless construction combined with the ultra-thin yet malleable upper makes for a virtually barefoot and sock-like sensation compared to the previous X Ghosted + which offered a much more rigid synthetic upper. You can feel there’s a much more refined softness when compared to the X Ghosted + predecessor which wasn’t the most pliable upper and had that plasticky synthetic feel which is partially why Adidas reverted back to the primeknit material which is used on many Adidas soccer boots over the last several years.

So the upper is quite simple a primeknit upper coated with a silicone film and the newly engineered Agility frame. The frame is designed to tightly hug the player’s foot and still give enough room for a comfortable feel, giving the boot a strong connection and stability to the player’s foot. It is designed to keep your foot locked in place when executing sharp directional changes.

Generally, the result is an upper that is so pliable so flexible and so sock-like on your feet while still giving you this super-thin sensation.

The design remains low-cut with a little bit of an extended tail very similar to the previous generation of X Ghosted.

The heel liner also remains unchanged and you can also find the two large heel pillows that Adidas introduces on the X line which help to secure your heel in place.

The insole is fully removable as well pretty much unchanged from the previous. It’s made from a single layer of foam.

One of the most eye-catching elements on the Speedflow + is this Speed frame outsole. This is the same outsole used on the X Ghosted line. It does feature the solid external heel counter at the back. There is also a carbon fiber insert in the forefoot of the boot which should offer maximum support when accelerating by providing swift transmission of power from your foot to the pitch.

The FG stud pattern is the same lightweight extremely responsive layout we’re used to seeing from the Adidas brand. It features a multi-directional stud shape with chevron-bladed style studs.

It also has a little bit of a raised toe to the design similar to a sprinter’s spike which also helps the player feeling quicker and explosive when you pushing off.

The X Speedflow + offers the so-called Vaccum Fit when you put it on. As a result, the shoe sits tight and stable on your foot. The shoe does have a rather narrow profile, however, a player with a wider than average foot shape shouldn’t have any problems wearing them thanks to the flexibility that the primeknit upper provides.

Wrapping up, the new X Speedflow + is another exciting step forward in the evolution of speed cleats and offers a truly zero distractions experience without sacrificing touch or comfort.

Adidas X Speedflow .1 Review (compared to X Speedflow +)

The two cleats share most features and design materials, and the major difference is that the X Speedflow+ is laceless with the X speedflow 1. being the laced alternative.Adidas X Speedflow .1

The upper unlike the speedflow + is not primeknit. It is, instead, a textile-based synthetic material with the agility cage lining on the inside so internally is very similar to what you’re going to find on the speedflow +. But on the outside, it ends up having a much smoother and slick texture and is more of a true synthetic rather than a textile-based material as the upper on Speeflow + needs to be reinforced in such a way to accommodate for the laceless design to keep your foot locked in place.

In terms of what you actually feel on the ball the two uppers despite being different are virtually identical. The differences end up being very minor when it comes to actually playing. So again here you are getting the same barefoot type sensation when touching the ball.

The heels are basically exactly the same. The outsides of the boot are pretty much the same the insides are very similar. The texturing on the laceless + model is a little bit rougher but the heel lockdown is phenomenal in both boots in general.

The soleplate is also the same and it also features the carbon carbitex insert through the forefoot and toe box area with a little bit of a raised toe to the shape. The biggest difference between the two models is on the aesthetics with the different colors in the two shoes.

To sum up, there are few minor changes to the two uppers and the visual aesthetic differences but that’s pretty much it. Your biggest decision should be whether you want laces or not and if you’re a huge fan of a laceless design. That is pretty much the only difference is between the new x speedflow.

If lockdown is important to you can just go and get the speedflow 0.1 which has an even softer textile upper and of course laces which means you get a more adjustable more secure fit.

And finally is the price difference as the X Speedflow + costs 20-30 bucks more than thE  X Speedflow .1 depending from where you are buying it.

Adidas X Speedflow .2 Review

X Speedflow .2The first takedown option in the new X speedflow line is the adidas X speedflow .2. The .2 features different materials compared to the .1 and the Speedflow+, but still, a lot of the Adidas high-end tech is well incorporated. You can get this fantastic cleat at almost half the price from the high end models.

It features an upper that’s actually not too far off the top end model but the soleplate and the construction of the heel is different from what you’re going to find from the more expensive options.

The upper is by far the highest quality aspect of the speedflow .2.  Adidas employed a lightweight skin upper which they call speedskin. It’s basically a really thin synthetic material. It does maintain the one piece upper construction with a primeknit material in the central portion of the upper. It’s pliable, flexible and it doesn’t feel too far of what you’re going to get on the top end Speedflow shoes and certainly is well above average for a football boot of this particular price point. Finally, a dual lace hole setup can also be found in the upper to help hold your foot in place.

The heel structure is different compared to the high-end models as the .2 doesn’t have the 3D molded heel as featured in the .1 and Speedflow+. The heel here is chunky and there’s too much padding and amount of foam at the back of your foot, thus not giving a very nice feel when wearing the boots.

The insole is fully glued and not removable. It’s not that it feels bad or anything like that but something removable than a cheap flat piece of foam would be expected from a premium soccer cleat like this.

Unlike the .1, the .2 features a lightweight TPU firm ground undersole with V-shaped bladed studs for excellent traction on the ground. Also, it does not feature the external heel counter but does feature visually some of the same structural elements. Instead of featuring that carbon fiber carbitex insert through the forefoot with the raised toe, it’s just regular plastic with an orange plastic insert to kind of mimic the overall design.

Regarding the weight, they are above average for a modern-day football boot and certainly not very light for something that falls into the speed category.

Finally, from a width perspective, they are probably not going to be as wide so if you do have really wide feet in general these wouldn’t be the greatest option for you.

Adidas X Speedflow .3 ReviewAdidas X Speedflow .3

The Adidas x Speedflow 0.3 is a much cheaper alternative to the top-of-the-line 275$ Speedflow +. Adidas decide to release two versions of the .3, the lace-less version costing $100 and the lace version at $80 which makes this one of the most expensive second-tier takedown models currently on the market.

The upper is made from a very basic mesh base material. It is a textile based synthetic material that does have a rigid plasticky sensation when compared to the more expensive models above it but it is a quality material overall that’s going to provide a really decent barefoot touch considering how much they actually cost.

And then again typical of a lot of Adidas takedown models the insole is fully glued.

As far as the base is concerned the stud pattern is technically the same as the high-end models but the soleplate is entirely different. It has got good rigidity through the mid-foot and heel but the in forefoot there is an orange plastic insert where the carbitex carbon insert would normally be found on the plus and .1 models. This however is really flexible and even if it doesn’t provide any of that sprint sensation that the high-end models have.

As far as the stud pattern is concerned, you get the same general layout that you’re going to find across the entire Adidas brand but with more aggressive bladed studs suitable for speed boots.

When it comes to weight is in the middle range as far as other second-tier takedown model speed boots.

Finally, if you have really wide feet this is a terrible option for you. But as long as you don’t have wide feet these will fit you well.

Adidas X Speedflow .4

Adidas X Speedflow .4This is the cheapest cleat in the X Speedflow franchise coming in at $40. The .4 is designed for recreational play and is only available in youth sizes worldwide. The .4 has a simple design-build with a laced, soft, synthetic upper with a flexible ground outsole. The .4 still features some of the tech designs and branding of the Adidas X Speedflow franchise.

The .4 is a good place to start, especially if you are just merely training or having just a fun match out on the pitch. Think of them as training wheels, and it’s a great way of looking and feeling like a pro while working with a limited budget.


The modern game is all about speed and the soccer boots all the big football boot brands are geared towards speed marketing. The X franchise has been at the forefront of speed cleat innovation in recent years and with each passing design they somehow succeed in making the game a faster and more seamless experience.

The Adidas team with the new X Speedflow has raised the bar yet again with some technology that is sure to push the boundaries of performance even further. The Adidas X Speedflow has been designed to support key states in the modern game which are acceleration, agility, and instinct.

The X Speedflow franchise offers versatility in options to choose from, ranging all the way from the X Speedflow+ to the .4 model. The model price difference is due to the technology, material, and design implemented in the cleats. The high-end models are pricier, but they offer unlimited gameplay, control, speed, and agility. However, the low-end model like the .4 still gives you the feeling of what the X Speedflow has to offer out on the pitch.

If you are looking to dominate and outrun opponents out on the pitch, surely one of these speed franchise boots is the right football cleat for the job.


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